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Professional translation of Legal, Financial, and IT documents. 
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About Revolutionary Translation

Revolutionary Translation is owned and operated by Jenn Mercer, a French to English translator with 10 years of experience and a legendary devotion to meeting deadlines – without sacrificing quality.

Liberté, Égalité, Fidelité
It was a pleasure to work with Jenn on a French to English translation project recently. Jenn is proactive, responsive, and pays attention to detail. I would happily work with her again and recommend her to others.
  Karen Tkaczyk, PhD chemist, French into English technical translator and editor, specializing in chemistry and pharmaceuticals     
Jenn delivered on time and was prompt in her communications. Very helpful.
Jenn has a precise command of financial terminology and the nuances of corporate French. She is easy to work with and never misses a deadline. It's a real treat when I have a chance to work with her on a translation team.
Carolyn Yohn, French and Hungarian legal and academic translator/proofreader
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Accuracy
Legal Translation
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Pleadings
  • Calls for Tender/RFPs
  • Leases
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Policies
Image right: Palais de Justice, Paris (picture taken by myself during a training session here)
Financial Translation
  • Financial Statements
  • Audits
  • Annual Reports
  • Pension Documents
  • Financial Analysis
  • Shareholder Communications

Image left: "Can Finance Save the World" co-translated by Jenn Mercer (Revolutionary Translation) and Carolyn Yohn
IT Translation
  • User Manuals
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Licensing/Intellectual Property
  • System Administration
  • Telecommunications
Image right: The eastern pier of the Eiffel tower
Miscellaneous Translation
  • Real Estate
  • International Development
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Knitting
  • Transportation & Logistics
Image left: a trout pond at Abbeye de Fontenay
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Are you ready to set your words on fire? Send me an email at I would be happy to provide a quote and more information about the translation process.
- Jenn Mercer, owner & operator